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Handmade craftmenship and Sales of Accordions

Siwa & Figli Accordions
The company


The company was founded in 1983 by Ivan Stanojlovic, whose dream has always been to create the accordions according to the high quality strandards of the 1960 and the '70 and offer, above all, to the balkan market the tonal richness and the lightness the musicians have been searching for.

The company soon gained recognitition among professional musicians and accordion enthusiasts in Eastern Europe. It was remarkable that Siwa accordions had the distinct quality of Italian made instruments while producing a powerful tone with instant response require by the Balkan folk music.
The company worked in close collaboration with music schools and sponsored national accordion competitions and festivals. "
The First accordion of Serbia", was a popular annual competition exclusively organized by SIWA and open to competitors from all over the world.

In the 1990s Ivan Stanojlovic made many trips to Italy in the pursuit of the best quality materials and assemblies for his accordions. Soon it  became clear that there could be no better place to craft accordions than the town of Castelfidardo in Italy, the Accordion capital of the World.
In 2005 SIWA was reborn in Castelfidardo under the name "SIWA & FIGLI di Stanojlovic Ivan". In 2007 the company established a strategic collaboration with the USA based Accordion Gallery.Each SIWA & FIGLI accordion is entirely hand made in Italy with the best quality materials. The results from 30 years of experience and a deep personal passion for the instrument are clear as soon as you try Siwa Figli accordion.
Crafted to the high quality standards  of the 1960's and 70's these new accordions will charm you with power and tonal richness combined with stylish desig and classic beauty.

Video of the Factory

Very often our clients and friends ask us how We produce your accordion and Who plays them worldwide.
This video will answer these two questions.
All videos are entirely made in our Siwa figli factory and shows all processes of accordions done by Siwa figli family.


Castelfidardo, the world capital of the accordions and the symbol of "Made in Italy" host our company and manufacturing unit.

Siwa & Figli has not only made in a choice of making accordions in the city of accordions, but has reinforced the entire net of suppliers and team experts, but has received various recognitions for its engagement and hand made excellence.

Why Siwa & Figli?

Each Siwa & Figli accordions is certified 100% high quality italian made as it has been crafted using the material of the first choice.

The manufacturing process is mainly hand made and use the tecnics of the past '60/'70.

Our team can count on more than 30 years work experience and above all, the multiple experience of its founder, Ivan Stanojlovic.
In each process of making accordions combined with a deep personal passion for this instrument is the key and access to successful product.
As soon as you try the Siwa & Figli accordions, it becomes clear.