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Siwa & Figli is proud to introduce a new special line of accordion entirely made of 40 years old walnut which is difficult to find today. Every accordion will be absolutely unique and will be properly designed. The body is varnished in the tradition of violin making and not covered in Polyurethane.

The results are amazing – enhanced natural wood grain and improved sound projection. The tonal characteristics are based on the wood selection and could be jazzy-dark or polka-bright. Each instrument features the best quality hand made reeds available today, genuine Italian leather reed valves, double tone chamber, precise mechanics, and ergonomic body design optimized for best feel and ease of handling. ยท


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  • The classic Super Quattro carved from aged walnut
  • 4/5 sets of hand made reeds
  • LMMH or LMMM reed configuration with concert tuning
  • Double Tone Chamber (LM)
  • 13 treble switches plus Palm Master for distinct treble sounds
  • 41 full-size treble keys with ivory finish
  • 120 ivory finished bass buttons
  • 9 bass switches
  • Low G bass reed configuration with tone chamber for the lowest octave reeds
  • Custom bellow design
  • Weight 11,3 kg
  • Custom bellow design
Model Notes L (cm) Reeds Registers
Super Quattro Noce 41 N.d. 4 13+M
Basses Reeds Registers
120 5 9
Handmade reeds Double tone chamber Tuning
Yes Yes Picc/Muss