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The jewel of Siwa & Figli accordions


The highest elegance reaches our new collection. Not only the quality of all parts in one, this specific model shines with  its elegance and hand made details. From the bellow, which material is composed of a serious of high luminous hand made cotton parts to a grill, which details had been worked hand made through entire process. Every detail has been taken into account in order to harmonise the beauty, the elegance and the top quality. Simply a jewel of Siwa & Figli collection.


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  • 4/5 sets of hand made reeds
  • LMMH reed configuration
  • Concert tuning
  • Double Tone Chamber
  • 20 mm key,40,5 cm keyboard lentgh, ivory finished key tops with smooth edges and the feel of the 60's Scandalli Super VI
  • 13 different treble switches + Palm master
  • Optional Chin switch
  • Lenght od the wood case 48 X 19,2 cm
  • 120 bass buttons
  • 9 bass switches providing matching bass reed combinations for each of the treble sounds
  • Tone chamber effect in the bass with low G reed configuration
  • Large volume bellows
  • Excellent balance
  • The best quality accessories available today - bellows protector, generously padded straps, and case with wheels and a second handle


  • Gold metal accessories
  • Three eagles special design
  • Three marmelaids design
  • Special grill design upon request
  • New michrophones mod. Alexander available upon request ( developed in Siwa & Figli factory)
  • Gold versions upon request ( Elegant) , or black gold verzsion (Blackstar) and white gold (Whitestar)
  • Midi hei-di
Model Notes L (cm) Reeds Registers
Super Quattro Artist Whitestar 41 49,5 4 13+M
Basses Reeds Registers
120 5 9
Handmade reeds Double tone chamber Tuning
Yes Yes Picc/Muss