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100% Italian luxury accordions
Marche Eccellenza Artigiana

Siwa & Figli

Handcrafted accordions manufacture & 100% made in Italy

Siwa & Figli manufactures accordions characterized by the handcrafted manufacturing process of the '60/'70.The material is rigorously selected based on its natural features.Each accordion responds instantly to the sound and all our collections combines the elegance together with the quality of sound.

The company is born thanks to a personal passion towards the accordion of its foundar, Ivan Stanojlovic, who wanted to reach the goal and fullfill the dream of every accordionist: manufacture an elegant instrument, light and powerful in sound, as the Balkan territory requires.

Exclusive handcrafted masterpiece

Prestigious accordion line made in root of the walnut for the lovers of the originality & style.

Enjoy a masterpiece of the collection “Walnut accordions”, manufactured with 40 years old walnut, a handcrafted and exclusive work. The wood case and all accessories are entirely made in 40 years old walnut.

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