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Super Quinta

Versatility & Sound richness in 5 Chores Instrument

Imagine the power of the Super Quattro now enhanced with a third set of clarinet reeds, tuned musette and added on demand to any of the 14 different treble sounds of the Super Quattro! The Super Quinta allows you enjoy the versatility of two different instruments and the joint power of all 5 sets of treble reeds. The treble switches design is the first of its kind. The third set of clarinet reeds can be activated by a chin switch and closed with the last treble switch. The palm master action is decoupled from the musette tuned reeds. Therefore, pressing the master will result in LMMH when the musette reeds are closed or in LMMMH when the musette reeds are active. There are 28 different treble sounds ranging from classic concert sounds, to mild vibrato, to brilliant tremolo, to rich 3-reed full musette. The tuning can be set to your preferences.

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  • The best hand made reeds available today
  • 5/5 sets of reeds
  • 49,5 cm lenght of keyboard
  • DoClever treble switch design that allows access to 26 treble sounds and provides simplicity and elegance - 15 treble switches + palm master + chin switch ( opens M3)
  • 120 basses with 9 switches
  • Tone Chamber in the bass with low G reed configuration
  • The best Quality accessories available today



  • Gold metal accessories
  • Three eagles special design
  • Three marmelaids design
  • Special grill design upon request
  • New michrophones mod. Alexander available upon request ( developed in Siwa & Figli factory)
  • Gold versions upon request ( Elegant) , or black gold verzsion (Blackstar) and white gold (Whitestar)
  • Midi hei-di
  • interchangeable reeds



Model Notes L (cm) Reeds Registers
Super Quinta 41 49,5 5 15+M
Basses Reeds Registers
120 5 9
Handmade reeds Double tone chamber Tuning
Yes Yes Picc/Muss