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100% Italian luxury accordions
Marche Eccellenza Artigiana

Super Quattro Luxury

One of the most requested instrument on the market.

A model created following the ancient working methods of the standards in the '60/'70 ties.( the gold epoque for handmade manufacture of accordions). This models shines not only with int glorious quality and ancient working methods, but it has been projected in order to give the excellence of handmade product to the customer.

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  • 4/5
  • LMMH or LMMM
  • Double tone chamber
  • Key 20 mm, lentght of the keyboard 49 ,5 cm
  • 13 registri + master
  • Dimension of  rthe wood case 48 X 19,2 cm
  • 120 basses
  • 9 registers on the bass
  • Basses: Low G configuration
  • Excellent ballance
  • The best avaliable accessories on the market- back pad, leather straps, the bag with wheels or the case



  • Gold metal accessories
  • Three eagles special design
  • Three marmelaids design
  • Special grill design upon request
  • New michrophones mod. Alexander available upon request ( developed in Siwa & Figli factory)
  • Gold versions upon request ( Elegant) , or black gold verzsion (Blackstar) and white gold (Whitestar)
  • Midi hei-di


Model Note L (cm) Reeds Registers
Super Quattro Luxury 41 49,5 4 13+M


Basses Reeds Registers
120 5 9


Handmade reeds Tone chamber Tuning
Yes Yes Picc/Muss